2005 Challenge Event: "The Climb of Our Lives"

The Climb of Our Lives is a hike of Half Dome in Yosemite by a group of young women living with breast cancer. The event will support five local non-profit organizations.


2005 Challenge Event: "The Climb of Our Lives"

Support a special event that will raise funds for local organizations that fight breast cancer and support breast cancer survivors..

The Climb of Our Lives is a hike of Half Dome in Yosemite by a group of young women living with breast cancer. Those who cannot make the extensive hike of 17 miles over 10 to 12 hours up 4800 feet of elevation to the top of Half Dome, will take a less taxing 3 mile hike to and from Vernal Falls. A number of women from Bay Area Young Survivors, one of the beneficiary organizations described below, have conceived and organized the event and will be leading the hikes up the Dome on September 10, 2005.

The event will support five local non-profit organizations. They are:

Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic
CMCC provides alternative medicine treatments-- including acupuncture and Chinese herbs -- to poor and low income women living with cancer. I have relied on alternative treatments to complement the chemotherapy and other traditional medical care I have received, and know how important such treatment can be to a patient's well-being. CMCC has also agreed to act as the fiscal sponsor of the event.

Breast Cancer Action
BCA is a grass roots organization that seeks to inspire and compel the changes necessary to end the breast cancer epidemic. Among other things, BCA advocates to increase research into the causes of breast cancer.

Círculo de Vida
Círculo de Vida provides an invaluable and unparalleled service to Latinos living with cancer and their loved ones-- most of them immigrants, low-income, and without health insurance-- as they navigate a frightening illness and an increasingly complex medical system. Círculo's experienced staff help translate for the patient and physician at the time of diagnosis, offer in-hospital and in-home support during surgery and treatment, provide a wide range of Spanish-language support groups for the patients and their children, as well as case management, resource referrals and in-home support for the terminally ill.

Bay Area Young Survivors
BAYS is a support and action group for all women under age 45 who are surviving breast cancer. It is a diverse group united by a passion to survive this disease and to end the epidemic, especially as it affects young women. The group is open to all survivors -- from the newly diagnosed to those battling recurrent or metastatic disease to long time survivors. The group was formed in February, 2004 and has grown to include more than 60 Bay Area members.

Young Women Living with Breast Cancer Multimedia Project. This project, created by Emmy Award winning tv designer and documentary photographer, Stefanie Atkinson, documents the lives of young women living with breast cancer. Through the project, Stefanie seeks 1) to provide a source of strength for other young breast cancer survivors, showing them that they can not only survive, but thrive, 2) to foster support networks among young women with breast cancer and a sense of community, and 3) to ease fears among newly diagnosed young women. Angela Padilla and Deb Mosley, the co-founders of Bay Area Young Survivors, are included among the subjects of the documentary project.


BAYS Co-Founder Deb Mosley (1968-2008) and Angela Padilla originated the annual BAYS Challenge Event to raise public awareness of breast cancer in young women and to raise funds for local cancer organizations.

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"Angela's Journey"

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"Keeping the Promise"

2005 Challenge Event:
"The Climb of Our Lives"

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"The Climb of Our Lives 2007"

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"Inyo Face! The Mammoth Challenge"

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American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life"

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Breast Cancer Fund's "Peak Hike"

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"Mt. Whitney Hike" and Breast Cancer Funds "Peak Hike 2011"

2012 Challenge Events:
"Grand Challenge 2012" and "Peak Hike 2012"


BAYS is grateful to receive support from the following local promotional events.

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