2012 Promotional Events

Local businesses reach out to BAYS to raise awareness of and funds for young women with breast cancer.


2012 Promotional Events

BAYS thanks local businesses for their support and promotional events.

In 2012, BAYS is grateful for the support of local businesses who have reached out to raise awareness of and provide financial support to young women with breast cancer.

On May 11, 2012, the San Jose SaberCats held a Mother's Day breast cancer awareness event, with 100% of the sales of $100 autographed footballs to benefit BAYS. Thanks to the amazing SaberCats fans and organization, BAYS received $3,400 in donations.

In the month of August 2012, our favorite local hardware store, Cole Hardware raised $476 for BAYS in its “Spare Change collection.” In addition, throughout the year, customers who mention “Bay Area Young Survivors” when they check out will have 10% of their transactions credited to the BAYS account, and Cole Hardware will send BAYS a gift card for that amount the following year.

From September 28-October 16, 2012, BAYS is the featured charity for the Stanford Shopping Center's Brighton Collectibles breast cancer bracelet, with $10 of every $50 bracelet to benefit BAYS.

For the month of October 2012, Twice an online seller of “lightly used” clothing, has named BAYS as the beneficiary charity for its first-ever breast cancer awareness sale. 100% of sales of specially selected items will benefit BAYS.


BAYS Co-Founder Deb Mosley (1968-2008) and Angela Padilla originated the annual BAYS Challenge Event to raise public awareness of breast cancer in young women and to raise funds for local cancer organizations.

2003 Challenge Event:
"Angela's Journey"

2004 Challenge Event:
"Keeping the Promise"

2005 Challenge Event:
"The Climb of Our Lives"

2006 Challenge Event:
"The Grand Challenge"

2007 Challenge Event:
"The Climb of Our Lives 2007"

2008 Challenge Event:
"Inyo Face! The Mammoth Challenge"

2009 Challenge Event:
American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life"

2010 Challenge Event:
Breast Cancer Fund's "Peak Hike"

2011 Challenge Events:
"Mt. Whitney Hike" and Breast Cancer Funds "Peak Hike 2011"

2012 Challenge Events:
"Grand Challenge 2012" and "Peak Hike 2012"


BAYS is grateful to receive support from the following local promotional events.

2012 Promotional Events